Chesterfields Made in England in our showroom in Brussels - Belgium

We are proud to present Chesterfields that are directly imported from England and hand made by craftsmen in their workshop. We guarantee you Chesterfields with handpicked leather and where the craftsman work ensures fine details and an unbeatable solidity. By collaborating directly with the production workshop, we are able to offer you Chesterfields with a quality-price ratio that defies all competition.

Chesterfields Made in England
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We offer you a custom-made product! For no extra charge, you can design your own Chesterfield with the model, colour and dimensions of your choice. While visiting our website, you will quickly understand that we offer you a quality product having a lot of possibilities at an unbeatable quality-price ratio. As well as Chesterfields imported directly from England, we feature antique Chesterfields, carefully selected by us in England and throughout Europe.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate to contact us our to visit our showroom in Brussels, Belgium.

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